BGI, as part of its CSR Initiatives, during the year 2013, stepped into another milestone in the field of "Education".
For the first time, it announced a "Special Cash Award" to the "School Toppers" in 10th Standard and in 12th Standard (in Science and Commerce Subjects) in the Government Higher Secondary School situated in Komal Village and the School Toppers were honored with these Awards.
For the year 2017, the following students have come out with flying colours as " School Toppers" :

10th Standard : Selvi K. Yogadharshini :
                              She has secured 463 out of 500 Marks

12th Standard : Science Group : Selvi K. Pavithra :
                              She has secured 1110 out of 1200 Marks

                              Arts Group : Selvi K. Sivalakshmi :
                              She has secured 1082 out of 1200 Marks

In the year 2018, the above Students were honoured with the "Special Cash Award" and the Award was given to them in the presence of the Head Master of the School and the Parents during the gathering of Students for Morning Prayer in the School at 9.15 hrs. For school toppers...see photo gallery...


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