World Earth Day

   Every year it is celebrated on 22nd April

Following activities take place :

   To begin with, our Mother Earth is being honored with a Hoarding displayed in front of our office and our togetherness to save Mother Earth conveyed with a signature campaign !

   Efforts being taken to create awareness among all the employees to save Paper and Electricity.

   "Employees share their thoughts on World Earth Day with a quote about the World Earth Day in the Display Board provided at the Reception Office and signing in the Board."

   Concern is shown towards the safety of our Planet by way of conducting a Campaign and that too by taking an "Oath" unanimously by all employees as below :

  • Love the earth: it's the only one we've got

  • Keep it GREEN, Keep it CLEAN!

  • In natural environments, plastic is static

  • Recycling is a simple act with complex benefits.

  • r-e-c-y-c-l-e. c-o-n-s-e-r-v-e. n-e-v-e-r p-o-l-l-u-t-e.


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